Our Businesses

Jobs4Haiti is establishing four businesses in Pignon, Haiti that are geared toward the needs of the community: a bakery, a butcher shop, a grocery store, and an auto repair shop. These businesses will employ locals and will equip them with the necessary skills to operate these businesses on their own. Currently, J4H is working on construction of its businesses; if you are passionate about J4H's mission, please see our donation page for information about how to contribute to these projects and assist the Pignon community. To learn more about our businesses, please click a page below!



Pignon has five bakeries, all of which produce the same uncooked, tasteless flatbread. With no mixing equipment and few ingredients to create interesting products, the community only has access to this bread. J4H will be introducing a bakery with a new variety of baked breads and goods for the people to purchase and enjoy. (See More)


Butcher Shop

The nearest slaughterhouse to Pignon is about 90 miles away in Port-au-Prince. We will open a slaughterhouse/butcher shop with clean, sanitary conditions and humane treatment of the animals. (See More)


Grocery Store

Grocery stores are sparsely scattered throughout Pignon. For six days out of the week, groceries like fruit, potatoes, and tomatoes are completely unavailable to the public. While the opening of the market on Saturdays allows the community to buy these essential groceries, this infrequent access to these goods has left a void in the community which J4H seeks to fill. J4H's grocery store will be open for business six days a week, providing cooking essentials like rice, oil, butter, and pasta. (See More)


Auto Repair Shop

While some Pignon residents have access to motorcycles, cars, and trucks, the city does not have a repair garage for these vehicles. The people lack the materials and the skills to diagnose and fix problems. Without a lift, the proper tools, a scanner to find problems, and computers to understand the problems, fixing a vehicle is an incredibly difficult task. J4H will open a state-of-the-art facility with modern diagnostic and repair equipment. (See More)