Notes from Nino

Nino Zuccaro is Jobs4Haiti's executive director. After taking multiple mission trips to Pignon, Haiti since 2011, Nino realized that there was a desperate need for economic change in the country and permanently relocated to Pignon. He now resides in the community with his wife and child, and is committed to creating job opportunities for the Haitian people. He is Jobs4Haiti's "boots on the ground" in Pignon, working to manage our ongoing projects. Nino sends periodic updates to inform Jobs4Haiti supporters of the progress being made regarding our businesses, job creation, and the positive impacts Jobs4Haiti is making in the lives of locals throughout the community.


Meet Nino: December 14th, 2017

"When I came to Haiti for the first time in 2011, I quickly realized that I couldn't change anything in a week. Change is a big word and nothing will get done until we start the changing. In 2016, I was sitting with Pastor Joe in his backyard and I expressed my desire to give jobs to the Haitian people. Sure enough, six months later Pastor Joe Talone created a non-profit organization named Jobs4Haiti." (Read more)