Our Story

Jobs4Haiti began with two men, Pastor Joseph Talone and Nino Zuccaro. The seed was planted following a mission trip to a Haitian village after the 2010 earthquake. In the years following, Nino relocated to Pignon from his residence in New Jersey and Pastor Talone continued to visit Pignon annually. Both established strong ties to the community and developed a sense of urgency to act further on the needs of this poverty-stricken nation. While week-long mission trips were valuable, both men recognized that long-term change required bolder action.

Pastor Talone realized that Haiti has an abundance of what he calls “Christian welfare” – well-intentioned Christians and others flooding the country with handouts and assistance, yet  offering nothing that allows Haitians to sustain themselves in the long-run. The country is severely lacking in formal job opportunities; few Haitians have stable, consistent jobs to provide a regular income for their families and themselves. There are few businesses established that offer steady employment to individuals, and that offer products and services that cater to the needs of the local community. Pastor Talone felt called to fill the void and assist a people who lacked economic understanding, resources, and financial longevity. Moreover, he understood the importance of equipping Haitian men and women with the skills to own and operate businesses independent of outside intervention.

In 2017, Jobs4Haiti was conceived. Two men, armed with a vision and a starting location in Pignon, extended their hope for Haiti to two others and formed the current Board of Directors. As an organization, J4H is introducing effective business models to Haitians with financial support from generous Jobs4Haiti donors. If you would like to learn more about our mission and strategy, click here for more.